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Just Getting Sh*t Done!

How I used Yelp to drive tones of traffic and sales

This month, I’ve been working with a great brand that offers same-day iPhone repair services in NYC. The best part is that you don’t have to go anywhere—just request a technician through the app or website and they’ll come to you and fix your phone in 30 mins. (I wish we had this in Europe as well—someone out there, get to it!)

Create Hype Before the Product Launch to Gain Your First Users

Two weeks ago, I received a Twitter message from a contact of mine whom I’ve actually never spoken to.Why tell you this? Well, I’m about to share a smart move you can do to create hype and start building you user base—before launching your product. I mean, think about all the software products that are released that no one even knows about; they have no followers and no users, even though they may actually be good products.

How To Build a Truly Engaged Community

For about a year now, marketers have been talking about a “content crisis.” There are many theories on why content marketing is not as effective as it used to be: people got used to it and stopped playing attention, there’s content saturation, Social Media channels favour paid publications over organic content, and so on and so forth. To be honest, I think all of these factors have contributed to content losing power. However, I also believe that we’re rather seeing and experiencing a “content evolution”; old content strategies are dying and new ones are being born.

How To Search For Twitter Lists: Twitter Hack A Few People Know

We all know that Twitter is a great way to reach your followers and their connections, but have you started using the List feature yet? For those unaware, using Twitter to organize people of interest is quite simple! In fact, many Twitter users have already done the grunt work for you and taken advantage of this feature. There are tons of lists out there with hundreds of members ready for you to use!

Why TopTal’s Community Management is among the best 3%, and How Their Social Media Can Get There Too

Take a look at what I found and what I think of TopTal. Further down I’ll give my ideas on how to improve online presence and take advantage of each social media platform. So stay tuned. Put simply, I believe TopTal is way ahead of the majority of companies I’ve seen in terms of community building and engagement. A few months ago, I accidentally stumbled upon TopTal, which seems to be one of the hottest platforms to connect software development and design freelancers with prospective business.

How To Calculate Social Media ROI

It’s just not easy to know how many people bought the product after seeing your post and clicking through versus those who went to the store and bought it. How do you prove that the website visitor who bought this product actually came via the tweets you posted? Or that the girl who went to the store and bought the dress actually saw it a day earlier because one of her friends gave a ‘Like’ to the post you published on Facebook? And what is the lifetime value of this costumer? How much did it take you to bring him aboard, and how much revenue did he generate?

The Basics of Running an Instagram Collaboration

Collaborating with like-minded influencers can really give your brand the recognition and reach it needs to generate traction to increase sales. There’s a lot of ground work to lay down before even contacting the potential collaborators, namely define the strategy, define goals, create a list of influencers, build the workflow etc. This article is the base guide you can use to run your very first collaboration campaign, test and learn.